Post Image of "LoL – Doom Bots Level V"

See Commander take on Doom Bots Level V in League of Legends with some good friends of his. Join him on the field!

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LoL Cup

To all my Tediz and all of our followers,

We are now beginning to adopt G-MOD to play add-ons Tibz is deeming as pure awesome. Two of them are listed below.

Install Garry’s Mod (Steam Store), then go to these sites (and login with your Steam ID):




Evil Zombie Dinosaurs?

Don’t Miss it!

See the action here! (click)

We will be making a section of the website dedicated to our LoL team and any fellow players who want to join us.

Learn, talk, geek it up. More details to come.

In the meantime, check out the first version of the new section banner. Feedback is welcome.

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LoL Banner

First version of our LoL section banner

Over much time and thought, we have officially adopted our new clan game. Upon the termination of our Left 4 Dead server, we discussed options of the new clan game, and we have decided on LoL.

Join us on the fields of justice. Fight in the League and become a Legend.

I dare you.

~ Commander

Due to the massive lowering in popularity with Left 4 Dead since it is so old now, and the nonuse of the server for many months, we have shut down the private server. There are of getting a Chivalry server but my focus is still on League of Legends. I am making a ranked team and others are welcome to join.

Post Image of "Do you have Chivalry?"

Our server has been updated so enjoy. Lots of Redstone additions per Manta

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This is the game sponsoring image of Cho-Gath, but I loved him before CHEW. This is a menacing photo of him in the darkness.

~ Commander

Post Image of "Lol – Bad Tediz Ranked Team Established"

To join see Commander.

Copenhagen Wolves
Against All Authority
Giants Gaming

If you have been forcing your MC to be 1.4.5 or 1.4.6, here is the 1.4.7 .jar file:

Put it in your.minecraft\bin folder

The server has been updated as well.

Jan 25-27

Don’t miss it!

Commander – tank
Tibz – AD

Contact Commander if you want in

Update your Java immediately! This is a serious threat exploit in Java 7 Update 10 – DO NOT SURF until you update to Java 7 Update 11!

Java update here

Stream here – Stream

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