Left 4 Dead – PC/First Person Shooter/8 Players
Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is a zombie style first person shooter. It is the game our group was created around and will forever remain the favorite for Commander. At one point, our server reached the rank of #258 out of 17,000+ world servers. Currently, we are redesigning the server from the ground up, one mod at a time. The mods we choose to share will be listed here for others to use on their own servers, or on their gaming computers.

Mods and custom maps are by definition modifications to the game, and custom non-professionally created maps. The developers of these mods and custom maps are not held responsible for problems resulting on your server or computer. We offer free support through our forum, so please use it if you encounter any issues.

Right click files and choose “Save as…”

Custom Maps

Installing Custom Maps:
– Download the file and extract it by right clicking on it and choosing “extract all”
– When extracting it, choose a generic location such as your Desktop or C:\ root
– You can use Winzip/WinRar unzip/extract the file (If you need WinRar, contact us here)
– After the file has been extracted you can usually double click on the file with the steam icon
– If you do not get a confirmation the file installed, or you get an error message, you may need to copy it manually
– The typical locations Left 4 Dead map files are located are:

          • C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\addons (32 bit Windows Operating Systems)
          • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\addons (64 bit Windows Operating Systems)

It is very important you have the correct version when playing on our server. The versions here are not the same as the versions you may find out on the Internet. We don’t always upgrade to the latest version as often times that creates a lot of problems for players and the server. If you are going to play on our server, make sure you have these versions installed. If you want to keep other versions on your computer, add a .disabled to the file name to temporarily disable the files.

Dead Before Dawn – This campaign is one of the best we have ever played. It was very well thought out and it was designed after the movie Dawn of the Dead. It has a very complex map, very well thought out infected ladders, and an amazing recreation of Crossroads Mall. This campaign does have many custom sounds included that will not play correctly if you do not rebuild your sound cache in game. To rebuild your sound cache, load the map on your computer (start a single player game on this map, open console by pressing the ~ key at the top left of your keyboard, and type in snd_rebuildaudiocache;snd_updateaudiocache;exit and wait about 15 minutes for it to complete).

Death Aboard – Simply amazing campaign. You travel through a jailhouse, the inside of a damaged tanker ship, and have an amazing finale level with a lighthouse up on a hill and a surprise ending while waiting for the hot air balloon to come save you. Watch your step in this campaign. There are many tricky spots for infected players to hide and wreak havoc on the survivors.

I Hate Mountains – A few of us have played this campaign. Commander is yet to survive it, but that is no surprise. It’s initial setting is in the dark woods and from what as to say about it, it is very hard to survive based on the events that occur during game play. We are very excited to host a game on this map and give it a Bad-Tediz run will 8 players.

Silent Hill – When we found this map, it had consistent scores of 99/100. One player described this as the scariest campaign he has ever played. The realism of this campaign compared to the movie is probably it could be, keeping in mind valve doesn’t have all of the props necessary in Hammer (the map builder) to support all of the details present in the movie. The entire map is in one word, impeccable. This campaign is a 4 player Co-Op campaign only and features 12 actual maps so be ready to spend some real time getting from the beginning to the end.

Hunter Training – Custom created Hunter Training map(s) to help teach you all of the ins and outs of being a well versed Hunter in game.

One 4 Nine – This campaign is built around a U.S. Army base built in the Nevada Desert, mysteriously containing an alien tomb. After years of efforts, they finally managed to open it. As survivors, you have heard of a fortified safety zone inside the base, but are completely unaware of the tomb and what awaits you…

City 17 – Some of us have played this one, and some of us haven’t. The brief synopsis: the train station is your survival. Getting there is something else entirely.

Suicide Blitz – Another campaign we haven’t all played yet. High reviews for this one. Another infected city to fight your way through.

Server Mods

DOS Protect – Does a pretty good job at keeping the server running long enough during a DOS attack to allow admins to ban the DOSer and continue the game. Commander’s server has always run this mod and it is very effective in his configuration.

Red Alert 2 – PC/Real Time Strategy/8 Players
Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2 is probably the most celebrated and played game of the Command & Conquer series. Despite Electronic Arts failing to realize the player base for this game being so large and committed, it has fallen from their control into the hands of dedicated groups of gamers around the globe. There are many ways to play this game, mods of the game that do exist, projects to reinvent the game at different levels, and many different ways of playing online with your friends. We have developed a way to play this game easily over the Internet or via LAN with Windows XP/Vista/7 using Hamachi or other VPN type connections. Below you can find the files associated with our setup and a brief explanation of what each file is for (link – description):

Right click files and choose “Save as…”

Read Me File – Will tell you exactly how to get this working (this is being updated currently)

Regarding the Read Me file, we are currently researching a new VPN solution for online multiplayer

Game Files – Self extracting file with game installer (setup.bat)

UDP Patch Win XP – For playing with others across a LAN/VPN in Windows XP

UDP Patch Vista/Win7 – For playing with others across a LAN/VPN in Vista or Windows 7

Map Pack – Addon maps created by Westwood and others

Commander’s Playground – Commander’s Playground is a custom 8 player map Commander created with Final Alert

Final Alert – The custom map making program in case you want to make your own

Conker’s Bad Fur Day – PC Emulated/Adult Themed/1 PlayerMultiplayer is being tested
Conker's Bad Fur Day

Conker’s Bad Fur Day is an adult themed single and multiplayer game based on a red squirrel who tries to get home after becoming drunk at a bar with some buddies who are going off to war. His trip becomes far more complicated with one problem after another eventually leading to a very angry Conker at the end of the game. This game spoofs many movies in hilarious ways and is a must play for anybody over 15. This PC emulated version is very good for single player mode, but multiplayer is being tested. We highly recommend using a USB connected xbox 360 controller instead of your keyboard. Below you can find the files associated with our setup and a brief explanation of what each file is for (link – description):

Right click files and choose “Save as…”

Emulator and Rom

Install instructions:

– Download the ROM file
– Download the Project64K Emulator for your version of Windows
– Extract the or project64k7.rar file to your C:\ location with Winzip/Winrar
– Depending on the version you downloaded, the path should be C:\project64kxp or C:\project64k7
– Navigate to that folder and create a new folder called Roms (capital R)
– Extract the file to that folder
– Navigate up one folder to C:\project64kxp or C:\project64k7 and run the file named Project64k.exe
– Click File -> Choose Rom Directory and choose the folder at C:\project64k(xp or 7)\Roms and press OK
– You should now see the Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM listed in the main Project64K window

Keyboard Controls

– Click Options – Configure Controller Plugin
– Click on the boxes next to the letters you want to change

ROM Download – The actual ROM file of the game

Project 64 Emulator Windows XP – Project 64 Emulator program Windows XP for playing the ROM file above

Project 64 Emulator Windows 7 – Project 64 Emulator program for Windows 7 for playing the ROM file above

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